Learn How to Pierce


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Learn How to Pierce

With this New 2 Disc DVD Set includes the videos

01. Tools of the trade
02. Needles, dermal anchors & tapers
03. Piercing jewelry
04. Sterilization
05. Aftercare & consent forms
06. Setting up your workstation
07. Setting up for a piercing
08. Dual male nipples
09. Double Dimple piercing
10. Nape piercing
11. Dual female nipples
12. Anti-tragus piercing
13. Lower navel piercing
14. Custom industrial piercing
15. tongue piercing
16. nostril piercing
17. Lower lip piercing
18. Septum piercing
19. Dual skin staples
20. Two taper ear stretch
21. Vertical hood piercing
22. Horizontal piercing
23. Basic Ear lobe piercing
24. Dermal punch
25. Eyebrow piercing
26. Head marking video
27. Tear down & clean up
28. Female body marking video
29. Reverse prince albert piercing
30. Basic navel piercing
31. Tragus piercing
32. Snake bites (bonus video)
33. Christina piercing
34. Dermal anchors

Everything you need to know about piercing from A-Z

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