Piercing Tool Kit (16pcs Set)


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Piercing Tool Kit (16pcs Set)

16pcs Set includes the following:

6" Mini Pennington Forceps - SLOTTED
6" Mini Pennington Forceps
6" Small Loop Sponge Forceps - SLOTTED
6" Small Loop Sponge Forceps
6" Large Loop Sponge Forceps - SLOTTED
6" Large Loop Sponge Forceps
6" Pennington Forceps - SLOTTED
6" Pennington Forceps
8" Ring Opening Pliers
5 ½" Ring Opening Pliers
6" Small Ring Closing Ball Pliers
6" Large Ring Closing Pliers
6" Reverse Pennington Forceps
6" Septum Forceps
6" Hemostat Kelly Forceps - Straight
4 ½" Ball Grabbing Pliers
Zip Up Case also included

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