Spray Tanning Kit


Spray Tanning Kit

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Spray Tanning Kit

Spray Tanning Kit is come with a Compressor and a Spray Gun

Piston Type Mini Oil-less Air Compressor 1/6HP is thermally protected. It comes with air filter and adjustable pressure gauge.

Voltage: 220V-230V-240V/50HZ, 110V-120V-220V/60HZ
Electric Current: 1A/50HZ, 2A/60HZ
Auto Start Pressure: 3 BAR
Auto Stop Pressure: 4 BAR
Max Pressure: 6 BAR
Speed/Min: 1450/50HZ, 1700/60HZ
Air Flow: 20-23L/Min

Low Pressure Type Spray Gun

Fluid Tip Size: 1.0mm
Optional Nozzle Size: 0.5, 0.8, 1.4 mm
Air Pressure: 345-480kpa/50-70PSI
Air Consumption: 310-370L/min
Plastic Cup Capacity: 250ml

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