Basic Tattoo Fundamentals


Basic Tattoo Fundamentals


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Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo 240-pages

Even if you decide to go to one of those “Tattoo Schools” you see advertised everywhere these days, you should still complete an apprenticeship. Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo covers all the basic things that will prepare you for an apprenticeship. Everything is covered; from the sanitation side of the house to the machine building and tuning. This is an entry level book and designed for the total tattoo beginner. This does not mean that someone who has been tattooing for some time will not benefit from this guide as well though.

Basic Fundaments has an added perk that the other books that are available don’t seem to offer, TMTT! That’s right Teach Me To Tattoo (TMTT) is an online learning support community.

When you get the book you will be given a serial number to log onto the BFMT website. have access here to the FREE forum. You can ask questions, critique other apprentice’s work – and much more.

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