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Cheyenne Spirit Motor

Cheyenne Spirit Motor



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BLACK Cheyenne Hawk SPIRIT Motor with Cables

Liner or Shader - Multipurpose
Machine Type - Rotary Machine
Brand - Cheyenne Hawk
Frame Material - Hard Plastic
Weight - 4 oz
Motor RPM/s- 10,200 pms (70 to 170 hz/sec)

SPIRIT Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine (Motor Only)

Available in 5 different colors.

This machine will require a Grip Sleeve and can only use the Cheyenne Hawk Needles Cartridges with this machine.

Its all about power and this machine has just that. Lining, Shading and Coloring on highest level with just one machine. With over 33 different cartridge types the possibilities are endless.
The machine has a distinctive ergonomic design. Versatile selection of needle cartridges for all concepts and styles. Technically designed and Precision Made in Germany.

Machine Features:
-Light weight and flexible-
-New stronger motor-
-Extremely smooth running-
-Rapid changing of cartridges-
-Can be used with standard tattoo power supply-
-Ball-bearing motor with long life-
-Approximately 110g with grip (grip not included)-

Items Includes:
1) COLOR SPIRIT Motor Machine
2) Machines Cord
3) Power Supply Cord
4) 3 Needle Cartridge Samples (Liners, Shader, Magnum)

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