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ATOM-X Power Supply (Black) by Critical Tattoo

Brand - Critical Tattoo®.
Model - Atom X.
Color - Fully machined, Anodized Aluminum housing (Black or Silver).
Adjustment Knob - Adjustment knob changes color based on your voltage.
Maximum Voltage - 0 - 17 volts, 6 amp peak inrush current, 3 amp true RMS continuous current.
Magnet Mount - Built in Neodymium magnets for a strong hold.
Digital Display - Non volatile memory (holds presets even when power is removed). Adjustable in increments of 0.1 volt adjustment resolution & has 2 Voltage presets.
.1 volt adjustment resolution
2 Voltage presets
Compatibility - Compatible with all coil and rotary machines. Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries.
Pedal Modes - This power supply can be turned on manually with no pedal required. You can also use a pedal in 2 modes: maintained or momentary mode.
Power Input - AC110-240V (Can be used in Any Country).
Dimensions - 1 3/4” Height, 2 7/8” Diameter, 6.4 oz Weight.
Warranty - 2 year full manufacturers warranty. All warranty issues will be done direct through Critical.

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