NEW Cyclone 2.0 Power Supply


NEW Cyclone 2.0 Power Supply

NEW Cyclone 2.0 Power Supply

cyclone 2.0 2

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Cyclone 2 Digital Tattoo Power Supply Unit (Black)

Cyclone® 2 Fully Digital Tattoo Power

Presets for your Lining & Shading mode.
Up to 4 Presets for each Liner & Shading mode. (Total of 8 pre-sets)
Adjust your voltage up to 1 decimal (Max: 18 volts)

Foot Pedal can be set up as: Momentary or Maintained.

Momentary: (Standard foot down power on)
Maintained: (Step once to turn off step again to turn it off).

LCD Digital Display show: Voltage, Speed(HZ), Amps, Duty(%).

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