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Cyclone Tilt Power Supply

Brand - Cyclone®
Model - Tilt: digital display with smart touch sensors. NO physical pushing required, just place your finger over the sensors.
Maximum Voltage - 18 volts.
Machine Connection - Run 2 machines at the same time and easily switch with the touch of a button.
Preset Memory - 4 memory voltage setting
Foot Pedal Mode - Manual Mode (step to turn on) or Auto Mode (Allows for the machine to work without a pedal, just push the button)
Digital Display - Is tilted at a 15 degree angle for easy viewing. The display shows the machine Voltage, Cycles, Duty, & Follow Through. An added feature the display also has a Stop Watch.
Mounts - Back mount included but additional accessories coming soon. (sold separately)
Rotary Compatibility - Yes, can work with rotary machines.
Power Input - AC110-240V (Can be used in Any Country).
Warranty - 1 year limited warranty.

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