Apex Overkill (Blue/Black)


Apex Overkill (Blue/Black)


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EGO Apex Overkill Rotary (Blue/Black)

Ego Apex Overkill Rotary Tattoo Machine

The EGO range of rotary machines continues its progression in to the Apex Overkill.

The Ego Apex Overkill rotary tattoo machine has been built from a solid block of aircraft aluminium.
With is unique and sleek appearance, only weighing 122 grams. It has a super strong Swiss Made Maxon "Overkill" motor which means you can tattoo at a much lower voltage, while still piercing the skin effortlessly. This machine is a workhorse that is made and built to last!

The Apex Overkill still features the remarkable "power triangle" system which allows you to alter the "give" of the machine. Each machine comes with a variety of different power triangles and each colour has a different density of rubber. These simulate the conventional back and front spring effect of coil machine and will allow you to configure your EGO exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw. Any combination of rubbers can be used to create the perfect rotary machine for lining, colouring or super soft shading and blending.

The Bez's EGO Apex Overkill has the following features:
* Sleek and Unique In Design
* Built from a Light Aluminium Construction
* A Guillotine Vice Clamp
* Power Triangle System
* Swiss Made Maxon "Overkill" Motor
* Phono (mini jack) Connection - EGO 1.5M Power Cable included free

Made in the UK
Includes a 1 year manufacture warranty (Covers machine for mechanism failure only)

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