Eternal Seasonal Spectrum Set


Eternal Seasonal Spectrum Set

Eternal Seasonal Spectrum Set

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ETERNAL 12-Pack Seasonal Spectrum Set 1/2-oz

The Seasonal Spectrum Series features an assortment of 12 colors found throughout the seasons. You’ll love the colorful range of warm and cool hues.

12-Pack Seasonal Spectrum Set:

Set includes: Aquamarine, Longhorn Brown, Old Gold, Deep Sea, Bay gray, Grape Leaf, Cold Steel, Coral Green, Vivid Pink, Flamingo Pink, Harvest Gold, & Snowflake.

Old 26-Pack Chukes Spectrum Set: (To be Discontinued)

Set includes: Dark 24K, Amethyst, Cold Steel, Light Cobalt, Coral Green, Vivid Pink, Aquamarine, Chrome Orange, Rose Pearl, Tempered Brass, Longhorn Brown. Indigo, Goldenrod, Snowflake, Wilted Grass, Agave, Silk Gray, Deep Sea, Bay Gray, New Moss, Grape Leaf, Flamingo Pink, Raw Orange, Harvest Gold, Liquid Gold, & Old Gold.

Brand - Eternal Ink
Available Sizes - 1/2-oz,1-oz

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