Eternal Liz Cook Series Set


Eternal Liz Cook Series Set

Eternal Liz Cook Series Set

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NEW ETERNAL 12-Pack Liz Cook Set 1/2-oz

NEW 12-Pack Liz Cook Series Set:

Set includes: Imperial Violet, Red Violet, Fuchsia, Antique Fuchsia, Mulberry, Electric Raspberry, Pepto Pink, Forest, Shamrock, Granny Smith Green, Sage, & Jade.

Old 23-Pack Liz Cook Series Set: (To be Discontinued)

Set includes: Antique Fuchsia, Bronze, Dark Khaki, Electric Raspberry, Forest, Fuchsia, Gingersnap, Granny Smith Green, Imperial Violet, Jade, Khaki, Liver, Mauve, Melon, Mulberry, Pale Sand, Pepto Pink, Quartz, Red Violet, Sage, Shamrock, Tawny, Thistle

Brand - Eternal Ink
Available Sizes - 1/2-oz,1-oz

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