Eternal Portrait Skin Tone Set


Eternal Portrait Skin Tone Set

Eternal Portrait Skin Tone Set

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NEW ETERNAL 12-Pack Portrait Skin Tone Set 1/2-oz

Eternal's newest collection featuring freshly designed colors. This set blends a perfect assortment of colors for portrait and pin-up work.

New 12-Pack Portrait Skin Tone Set:

Set includes: Almond, Sable, Rich Espresso, Enchanted Lilac, Wine Berry, Sea Shell, Rose Satin, Papaya, Light Peach, Nude Blush, Spice & Rust.

Old 16-Pack Portrait Skin Tone Set: (To be Discontinued)

Set includes: Almond, Bisque, Sable, Rich Espresso, Light Peach, Nude Blush, Apricot Burst, Orange Creamsicle, Rust, Spice, Sea Shell, Rose Satin, Papaya, Enchanted Lilac, Wine Berry, & Aubergine

Brand - Eternal Ink
Available Sizes - 1/2-oz,1-oz

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