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Click Ergo (Gunmetal)

Brand: FK Irons
Model: Click Ergo
Needle: Cartridge Needles Only
Grip Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
Autoclavable: Yes and can be sterilized with cold-sterilant methods as well
Manufactured: USA

Key Features:

- Tapered from 25 to 32mm for optimum comfort for all hand sizes
- Allows you to get closer to the cartridge than ever for ultimate precision and control Supports a natural ergonomic drawing position
- Redesigned groove pattern provides a supported index rest and relieves hand fatigue.
- Tool-less disassembly allows for safe sterilization, compatible with autoclaves and cold sterilant methods
- Ratchet Disc click system prevents involuntary turning, even with heavy machines.
- 3mm center bore is compatible with all built in drive bar machines.
- Autoclavable Drive Bar included with each grip

FK Irons Ergo Click is manufactured from aircraft aluminum for a sleek, distinct body and anodized to one of seven vibrant colors for durability and scratch resistance. Each grip is ergonomically designed to resemble the natural feeling of drawing with a pen or pencil, allowing for bolstered control and ultimate precision. This state-of-the-art grip has a diameter that tapers from 32mm to 25mm to accommodate a variety of hand sizes, and also boasts a newly designed groove-patterned body with an index rest to relieve hand fatigue.

This grip can be disassembled into four autoclavable components for complete and easy sterilization; no tools are necessary. It features a one-piece Ratchet disk system that allows for responsive needle depth adjustment, but securely locks to prevent involuntary turning even with heavier tattoo machines. It is compatible with all major cartridge systems and the 3mm internal bore works with all drive bar tip styles, so that it can be used with the artist’s preferred cartridge needles for nearly any machine.

Please Note: This Click Ergo Grip can be autoclaved and sterilized with cold-sterilant methods.

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