Tat Tech Hydraulic Chair


Tat Tech Hydraulic Chair


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Tat Tech Hydraulic Chair

Tat Tech Hydraulic Tattoo Shop chair is Multi Functional. It allows customer to be able to sit, straddle or lay in multiple positions. The raising and lowering of the legs are powered by hydraulics. This legs can also move left and right, a feature that is not common. The head rest also has a pad that can be removed, which will allow your client to place there head comfortably in the head rest hole.

Chair Position: Allow your customer to sit up in the chair in multiple angles. The leg cushions also lower and raise separately. Legs can be spread apart for better positioning. Leg cushions can also be shorten when needed.

Straddle Position: The customer can straddling and hug the back rest. The chair also has a foot rest to add extra comfort when in this position. Head rests can be used or can be removed.

Bed Position: You can flatten the chair out to let your customer lie down or lie face up.

Tattoo Shop Chair Weight: 165lb
Seat Height Adjustment: 27" to 32" inches
Chair Length When Lying Flat: 73" inches
Chair Width Seating Area: 29" Inch
Back Rest Angle: 10 different back rest angles

Estimated Shipping: (From our Los Angeles Warehouse)

West Coast: $175
Mid USA: $225
East Coast: $275

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