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Madacide 1-Gallon

MadaCide-1 is an alcohol-free broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner, so it is non-flammable and can be shipped by air if you need it in a hurry. Requires no mixing or activators and indicated for use on most surfaces - reactions with plastics may occur with prolonged exposure time.

MadaCide-1 retains its potency for two years after opening when stored properly. Gallon size for economical refill of spray bottle. Made in USA.

Surface to be disinfected must be thoroughly wet for ten minutes, then wiped dry with disposable paper towels - follow label instructions carefully.

Kills Hepatitis A, B & C, TB, HIV, etc. Its biodegradable and environmentally safe. Ready to use, needs no mixing or activators. Alcohol free, Non-staning, Non-corrosive, & Non-toxic

2-year shelf life with lid tightly capped, can be safely pour down the drain.

Made in USA

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