Dermal Punch (Miltex Brand)


Dermal Punch (Miltex Brand)

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Miltex Brand Dermal Punch 1.5mm (14 Gauge)

Miltex Biopsy Dermal Punch (Sterilized & Disposable)

-25% more measured cutting sharpness (KgF) of other tested punches.
-Significant metal hardness (HV) begins the process of creating sharpness.
-A steeper edge angle (by degree) is a sharpness design unique to Miltex.
-A precise Punch diameter for true and accurate biopsy.
-KgF (Kiolgram Force) The Miltex Punch requires less weighted force or push from the clinician to achieve the desired biopsy depth as compared to other brands measured KgF.
-HV (Hardness Vickers) The Miltex Punch (metal) tip measures harder than other tested brands employing this metallurgical standard and results in an extremely sharper edge.
-Degree. The Miltex Punch is designed at a steeper angle than tested brands to ensure a finely honed sharper edge.
-Diameter. The Miltex Punch is manufactured to accurately measure to the specified size.
-5 Year Shelf Life.
-Sizes clearly marked on each punch.

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