Stealth Rotary Sets


Stealth Rotary Sets

Stealth Rotary Sets

Available in RCA & Clip Cord connection

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StealthLite Rotary Tattoo Machine Set

Stealth Lite Rotary Tattoo Machine Set Price: $90.
Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine Set Price: $120.

Box Set Includes:
1 - StealthLite or Stealth rotary tattoo machine (3mm All Purpose)
1 - 4mm Stealth Bearing (Shading)
1 - 2mm Stealth Bearing (Lining)
1 - 2pcs stealth allen key set

Whats the difference between the Stealth Lite & Stealth?

The Stealth Lite is made out of a lightweight strong plastic composite. (Weight: 3-oz)

The Stealth is CNC from a single block of aircraft aluminum. (Weight: 3.5-oz)

Both machines used the same motor and bearing which are the most important moving part on the machine.

The Stealth Lite is slightly lighter then the Original Stealth rotary tattoo machine. Because the Stealth Lite is made of plastic, it absorbs the vibration better then the Original Stealth and is more silent.

Both machines have a constant powerful swing, and spins up to 7,000RPM. The Machine is practically weightless (3 Oz.), while offering you a soundless environment to work in.

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