Stacked Magnum Shaders


Stacked Magnum Shaders

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9 Needle Stacked Magnum Shader (#10 Bugpins On Bar) 5pcs

What are bugpin needles? These needles are made the same way as your regular #12 needles. The only difference is the needles they use when making the needles. Instead of using a size #12 needle, they use a #10 needle instead. This needle diameter is smaller which gives you a slightly smaller needle. Because of the smaller size you should read the chart below to make sure you have the correct tip to fit your #10 Bugpin Needle.

#10 Bugpin Needle & Tip Reference Guide

5 Stacked Needles >>>>>> 4 Flat
6 Stacked Needles >>>>>> 4 Flat
7 Stacked Needles >>>>>> 4 Flat
9 Stacked Needles >>>>>> 4 Flat
11 Stacked Needles>>>>>> 5 Flat
13 Stacked Needles >>>>>> 6 Flat
15 Stacked Needles >>>>>> 6 Flat

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