NEW Starter Tattoo Kit 3


NEW Starter Tattoo Kit 3

NEW Starter Tattoo Kit 3

Starter Kit 3 Machines

Item #: Starter Kit 3 + Basic Tattoo DVD

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Starter Kit #3 with Case & Basic Tattoo DVD

(1) Traveling Tattoo Case
(2) Shader Tattoo Machines
(1) Short Swing Liner Tattoo Machines
(1) Digital Power Supply Dual Out Put
1.5 Amps, 1-18 Volts Max Power Output
(Run 2 Machines at the same time)

(1) Skull Foot Pedal
(2) Clip Cord
(6) Scream Ink (USA Made Ink)
(10) 3 Round Liner Tattoo Needles
(10) 5 Round Liner Tattoo Needles
(10) 7 Magnum Tattoo Needles
(5) 1 Round Liner Tattoo Needles
(5) 5 Round Shader Tattoo Needles
(5) 7 Round Shader Tattoo Needles
(5) 5 Magnum Tattoo Needles
(4) 1/2" Disposable Tubes
(2) Aluminum Grips
(1) Steel Grips
(1) Brass Grips
(4) Grip Tail Ends
(10) Steel Tips
(20) Disposable Tips
(2) A&D Foil Pack
(1) Cleaning Brush Set
(30) #18 Ink Cups
(30) #16 Ink Cups
(30) #9 Ink Cups
(1) Ink Cup Holder (Holds #9, #16, & #18 Ink Cups)
(1) Practice Skin
(1) Skin Surfer Pen
(1) Pair of Gloves
(1) Tattoo Flash Book
(2) Armature Bar
(1) Spring Sets
(15) O-Rings
(1) Machine Vice
(2) Front Binding Post
(1) Back Binding Post
(3) Allen Key Tool
(2) Contact Screw
(10) Screws & Washers
(30) Rubber Bullet Nipples
(1) Flash CD (No longer included, but is available to download on our website)
(1) How to Tattoo DVD

DVD Chapter List
Chapter 1: Equipment overview
Chapter 2: Inks to use
Chapter 3: Equipment usage
Chapter 4: Stencil placement
Chapter 5: Outlining procedures
Chapter 6: Fill in
Chapter 8: Color placement

Learn the Basics in Tattoo from a Professional like Matt Bennett. Matt has created a DVD that is simple and straight to the point. Matt will show you basic set up as well as keeping your work area sterile and safe.

With the techniques Matt will teach you, this DVD is perfect for any level you are current at. This is a great learning tool for people that are starting to tattoo.

All Sale are final for these tattoo kit, no returns or exchanges.

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