LED Flex Arm Floor Lamp


LED Flex Arm Floor Lamp

LED Flex Arm Floor Lamp

Light Bar

Control and Remote


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LED Flexible Arm Floor Lamp with Remote (BLACK)

LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp

This lamp uses Super Bright, Energy Efficient, and Adjustable LEDs. Everything can also be controlled with the remote control.

The LEDs have 5 Brightness adjustments.
The LEDs have 5 Colors adjustments ranging from: Soft White to Natural.

The Lamp Stands 69" inch tall when the lamp is standing vertically. . When the lamp is angled horizontally like it would normally be when it is in use it will stand about. 45" inch tall.

The Lamps flexible adjustable neck is 17" inch long. This will allow you to adjust the lamp in any direction and position you need.

The LED Light is 9" inch long, which offer lots of light for your tattoo session.

This lamp is light weight and is 5.1lbs

Please Watch our Youtube Video to see our live Demo.

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