Tat Tech Smart Clip Lamp


Tat Tech Smart Clip Lamp

Tat Tech Smart Clip Lamp

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Tat Tech Smart Clip Lamp

The Tat Tech Smart Clip Lamp allow you to turn off and on your lamp with a quick tap. This lamp is compact and weighs less then 1lb. Great for traveling artist that need good light for tattoo shows.

The lamp has adjustable neck so you can angle it in any direction needed. It also has a strong clip so you can attach it to any table top or armrest. The lamp only uses 5 volts and does not use too much power. It can be connected to a wall outlet, computer, and even mobile power packs.

LED Light Bar Width: 7" inch light bar with 42 LED lights.
Product Height: 25" inch from the clip.
Neck Height: 14.5" inch bendable neck.
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